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Jin Joan International Company,Ltd. was established in 2015 in Gaoshan District, Kaohsiung City. It is a diversified trading company. Its main business projects include screws, nuts, fasteners, parts, hardware and various mechanical equipment. , professional, technical, service for the spirit, the company is established with a new look, the main members in the field of screws, nuts, hardware services has more than 25 years. "Quality first, customer-oriented" is the main spiritual goal of our company.

Screws, nuts, and hardware have always been the main export trade of Taiwan. The quality is excellent, the technology is leading, and the price is reasonable. It is the main condition for Taiwan's export trade. It is also the main factor for the establishment of our company. Our company has continued to improve to maintain its reputation.

The mechanical equipment is mainly composed of screw forming machine, nut forming machine and secondary processing machinery. The special machinery also has excellent manufacturers. It can be fully serviced, hardware parts of the whole world, and even the whole plant output equipment. The company can help customers plan. .

The company also has mold, punch, tooth attack, dental plate, mechanical parts, various specifications of the production and sales of specifications.
The company in the professional spirit of services, pre-sales services, sales services, after-sales service, I hope old friends, new friends and my company to consult, thank you for your advice.